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Avis has a proven track record for making car rental simple for millions of people and companies across the globe.

We Try Harder, 24/7, to improve our services, to simplify our procedures, upgrade our fleet and expand the coverage we offer. Our aim is to understand and meet the specific needs of each country, where we operate.

Avis.Unlock a world of privileges.

Every time you choose Avis you hold the key to a world of unique driving experiences. Enjoy on every given occasion the benefits we offer:

  • Security, as part of a network with thousands of hiring points around the world.
  • A great variety of vehicles, ensuring the latest models are always on offer.
  • A vast array of customized products and services, fully tailored to your needs.

Avis. Our story.

We have come a long way to become the strongest player in the field of car rentals.
Here are the key milestones in this journey:

We Try Harder.

In 1963, ‘We Try Harder’ was the punchline of our advertising campaign and proved to be one of the five most famous slogans of all time.

54 years later, and we are still keeping our promise:


  • To do the best we can for our customers and take pride in our continuing efforts.
  • To prove worthy of our Customers’ trust, with improved services and innovative solutions that meet every possible need.
  • To always upgrade our services with constant investments in rental stations, vehicles, technology, and human resources.

Avis. Our philosophy

In Greece and abroad, Avis are everywhere: from airports to ports, accommodating every decision for recreation, business trips or holiday. We are the first choice for all individuals and business people.

This success is due to our core philosophy: Treat customers with respect as the TRUE DRIVERS of all our activities.

Our aim is to constantly improve and to provide more and more effective services to our customers. We strive to efficiently meet contemporary needs, offering new, flexible products and unique driving experiences.

Avis. An open road to innovation

Present in Greece since 1960, Avis (OLYMPIC Commercial and Tourist Enterprises SA), plays a major role and fosters innovation in the field of car rentals.

Today, Avis owns the master franchise of Avis, Budget Rent a Car and Payless Car Rental in Greece.

Avis represent the ideal option for all those wishing to enjoy the benefits of car-driving, without the burden of car ownership, either for a private or business fleet. Avis:

  • Holds 1st place in the long-term rental market
  • Is the 1st company in new car purchases in Greece, securing favourable prices from importers
  • Owns a fleet exceeding 43,000 cars

Activity Fields:

  • Leasing: Long-term car rental, for both businesses of any legal status and individuals
  • Rent A Car: Short-term car rental, from 1 day to 1 year
  • Van Rental & Van 4U: Long-term and short-term private track rental of up to 3.5 tons
  • Used Car Sales