Avis Leasing

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Build το δικό σας αυτοκίνητο, Ακριβώς όπως το θέλετε!


Avis Leasing for Professionals

Why is Avis Leasing the most advantageous solution for your business?

Leave the risk of purchasing on our shoulders and enjoy a brand new car, simply by paying a monthly fee. You can enjoy full use of the car for a predefined period and then return it to us without any further commitments.

Why Leasing?

Avis Leasing offers customised leasing plans and services, saving money, time and energy for every professional looking for an efficient vehicle choice and fleet management solution.

Our vehicles are of the highest standards and can cover a vast array of professional needs, while our leasing plans offer innovative solutions and flexible services at a highly competitive rate.

Choose the vehicle that meets your specific needs and contact us to discuss the best leasing offer for you.


7 reasons to choose Avis Leasing:

  1. You have full control of your finances: Organize your budget easily, with a fixed monthly fee at a competitive rate.

  2. Your capital is released, so you can focus on growing your business: You are not required to pay funds or create funding lines for your new vehicles.

  3. You reduce costs: The total cost of leasing is not only lower than buying a vehicle but also distributed over a number of months rather than in the form of a big one-off payment.

  4. You limit extra expenses and overall risk: We shoulder the risk, while you avoid unpredictable expenses such as maintenance costs, used car disposal value, etc.

  5. You have plenty of choices: You can choose the car and the leasing plan that best fits your professional needs and budget.

  6. You gain time and energy: You avoid time-consuming administrative and management tasks such as the vehicle purchase, registration, road tax, insurance, accidents, claims from insurance companies, maintenance or replacement of tires, etc.

  7. You have your personal expert companion: We help you choose the ideal vehicle based on your needs, at the most competitive rate.